A credit score is far more than a number: it is a reflection of hard work, careful planning, and total investment in a set of financial goals. People who maintain excellent credit scores over long periods have learned to apply these concepts in many areas of their financial life.

Credit cards are important tools that should be primary members of every wallet. Unfortunately, many of those with excellent scores fail to choose a credit card that rewards their diligence.

What Scores Qualify As Excellent Credit?

Credit scores are generally separated into four or five unique sections. The credit score meanings vary from provider to provider, although certain markers indicate your general credit standing. These markers are:

  • Very Poor
  • Good
  • Very Good
  • Fair
  • Excellent

It should be said that credit scores are not necessarily an accurate reflection of your current financial standing. Scores are usually updated once every 45 days, meaning that your rating may be higher or lower than what is currently depicted. Your score will be updated by information that includes:

  1. Credit Payment History
  2. Credit Owed Or Utilization Scores
  3. Credit History And Length
  4. Types Of Open Credit
  5. Hard And Soft Credit Inquiries Or New Credit Lines

Cardholders with excellent credit scores have worked extremely hard to maintain their standing, and are careful to follow best practices that allow them to reap the benefits of the score. These credit scores qualify for powerful credit cards that assist financial journeys in many ways.

What To Expect In Credit Cards For Excellent Credit

After working so hard to keep a flawless score, you should never be tempted to settle for second best when choosing a credit card. In fact, cards that do not offer the right kind of benefits may hinder your lifestyle rather than complement it.

To combat this, finance professionals advise active credit users to keep an eye out for certain tell-tale factors that speak to the overall quality of a credit card. When choosing between multiple options, ask yourself these questions:

Does This Credit Card Require Annual Fees or Other Charges?

Some credit cards require an annual fee to be paid in exchange for the use of the card. Additional charges such as late penalties, overseas use, and exceeded credit limits quickly become burdensome. Fees add up quickly and hinder users by adding unnecessary costs to their bills.

Thankfully, the best credit cards for excellent credit often hold no annual fee and provide users with the peace of mind they need while making transactions.

Does This Credit Card Offer Me The Best Bang For My Buck?

Many credit cards offer poor or no rewards, becoming a burden for the user rather than a financial partner. However, credit cards for those with excellent credit scores frequently offer cashback programs, merchandise discounts, or travel points that are useful for everyday living.

Does This Credit Card Offer The Lowest APY?

Credit users with excellent scores have access to some of the lowest annual percentage rates available on the market today. When looking for the right credit card, you should consider if the percentage offered to you is truly the lowest you could get for your score. 

The Best Credit Cards For Excellent Credit

One of the best benefits of maintaining stellar credit is having access to credit cards that further your financial goals. Instead of creating limitations, these two Visa® credit cards offer incredible benefits, outstanding rewards, and greater flexibility for your daily or weekly transactions.

Visa® Rewards Card

The Visa® Rewards Card benefits its users in many ways but stands out above the rest for those with excellent credit scores.

This credit card option was designed with convenience in mind. Free balance transfers allow excellent credit users to prepare their finances for any upcoming purchases and focus more on their wants rather than their needs. 

Specialized perk options are easily customizable for the things that most benefit your lifestyle, ranging from merchandise and travel rewards to unlimited cashback points. This puts spending power back into your hands, and not someone else’s. 

What’s more, the Visa® Rewards Card takes security very seriously and provides advanced fraud protection for all users. 

Benefits & features offered:

  • Unlimited cashback on nearly any purchase, up to 1.5 points per dollar spent
  • Multiple perks, including cash back, travel rewards, and merchandise options
  • Fast and simple bill consolidation

Visa® Signature Rewards Card

The Visa® Signature Rewards Card endeavors to provide users with excellent credit scores complete access to the services they need most.

Like the Visa® Rewards Card, this credit card option is perfect for users who enjoy flexibility in their daily transactions. However, the Signature Rewards Card takes service a step further by catering to frequent sightseers and international travelers. 

Users who prefer additional overseas protection are offered the added comfort of no-fee international purchases, providing more freedom with every swipe. Year-round travel benefits and concierge services are available for no matter how long you'll be on the go. 

Benefits & features offered:

  • Unlimited cashback on nearly any purchase, up to 1.5 points per dollar spent
  • Multiple perks, including cash back, travel rewards, and merchandise options
  • Fast and simple bill consolidation
  • Cell phone protection options
  • Year-round travel benefits
  • Concierge services for frequent travelers

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At Chartway, we believe in offering excellence within all aspects of our services, from bank accounts to credit cards to everything in between. When you need to make important financial decisions, there isn’t time to wait on second best. Trust the professional team at Chartway to bring you closer to your financial goals, one transaction at a time.

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