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Chartway is committed to providing opportunities for students to grow in our summer internship program.


Real Experience. Real Fun.

Ready to gain real world experience and put your skills to work? The Chartway Internship Program is a summer development initiative for students looking for an opportunity for growth in a professional financial setting. As part of our commitment to promoting growth and diversity in the communities we serve, we’ve developed a comprehensive 10-week work/study program that provides a professional experience that will enhance your career development.  We promise that our summer internship will not only be professionally rewarding, but you will make personal connections, learn a lot and have some fun in the process. Program begins May 23 and completion is July 29.

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Summer Internship Program

As part of our commitment to reaching out into our communities, we offer students the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and discover the importance of delivering the best member experiences. Our interns learn from Chartway leaders in their field of study, attend Chartway presentations and events, attend lunch and learn training sessions and participate in valuable mentoring and team-building sessions.  Areas of opportunities may include:

  • Accounting
  • Card Services
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Lending
  • Marketing
  • Retail Branch Operations 

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Don’t ask us.

Get the scoop from those who have grown through the Chartway Internship program.

Kenyon Harper

“I had a blast working with Chartway this year! One of the top things that stood out to me was how attentive they were to details and always willing to give a helping hand to me. Even those who weren’t in my department would find time to come and chat with me. Chartway is always trying to go above and beyond for their employees! I’m happy to have spent my summer with them!”

Jennifer Conaway

"My favorite thing about completing my internship is the experience I am leaving with. Chartway has helped me improve my personal brand, expand my networking, and it has given me the opportunity to see what a healthy work environment looks like."

Cameron Edgemond

"I enjoyed every aspect of this internship! It was perfectly balanced between learning sessions with the other interns to be able to build skills that will help us strive in our future careers to giving each of us projects to work on throughout the internship."

Jaxon Swalberg

"My favorite thing about my internship at Chartway has been the incredible people I have met along the way. Not only are the other interns really awesome, but also my team/manager/mentor! Everyone is always willing to help out and provide guidance for any questions! I loved being able to branch out and talk to different departments in the company and see real application of the concepts I learned in school."

Patricia Sieng

“My internship experience at Chartway has been valuable and enjoyable learning experience! Although it was for only ten weeks, I really appreciated the immense amount of support and sense of belonging that I've gotten from the Data Analytics team and everyone at Chartway. The biggest takeaway for me this summer was the chance to work on a project that allowed me to broaden my knowledge of several IT processes and tools with the additional benefit of developing my financial literacy. Thank you Chartway for this wonderful opportunity!”

Carli Hincha

Chartway hosted an amazing internship, that provided me valuable business experience. They also provided useful trainings and resources prior to graduation. Their company culture is unmatched and I would recommend an internship here to anyone. 

Jacob Cobb

This summer at Chartway I worked alongside the Indirect Lending Team. I gained a great understanding of indirect lending through shadow days, projects, and team meetings. The lessons and lunches provided by the Learning Development Team gave us insight into different aspects of the business environment from interview skills to the in’s and out’s of LinkedIn. I am extremely grateful for my time at Chartway and could not have asked for a better summer.

Ashley Gadani

“Working for a company that values their team members at a professional and personal level has truly been a great opportunity. I feel empowered with the mentors and leadership experience Chartway had to offer. Not once did I feel like just an “intern”. My leaders wanted me to grow and excel every step of the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better Internship Program. Chartway has set the bar high for my expectations of a great work culture.”