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  • 2020 scholarship winners

    Chartway Federal Credit Union Awards Directors’ Memorial Scholarship To Seven Student Members

    06-17-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Chartway Federal Credit Union is proud to announce that seven student members have been selected to each receive a $3,000 scholarship, totaling $21,000 in financial assistance.

  • man smiling looking inside a new car he wants to purchase with a 72-month auto loan

    Why 72-Month Auto Loans Are Gaining Popularity

    06-14-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    The length of your auto loan term can vary greatly from 36 months to 84 months or longer. The popularity of longer auto loan terms, like the 72-month auto loan, is growing and for good reason. Longer loan terms allow you to pay less each month which gives you more flexibility in your budget and the ability to purchase a better quality vehicle.

  • young man car shopping after getting auto loan pre-approval

    Why Get Pre-Approved For a Car Loan

    05-27-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Getting pre-approved for a car loan lessens the stress of shopping for a car, and it could reduce the amount you end up paying for your vehicle by giving you a more solid position when negotiating with dealers

  • how to weather a bear market

    How to Make Good Investment Decisions: Up-Down-Bear-Bull

    04-29-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    You may have heard about the stock market dropping and being in a “bear market”, but what is a bear market? What’s the difference between a bull market and a bear market? How does this affect you?

  • stack of credit and debit cards

    Credit vs. Debit Cards - What's Right For You?

    04-24-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Both credit cards and debit cards perform the same basic function, but each provides unique features and/or perks that lend themselves more readily to certain financial goals. Therefore, having a better understanding of credit vs. debit cards and the benefits or drawbacks they offer is the best way to make an informed choice with your financial interest in mind.

  • Mom teaching about finances

    Fun Kid Activities to Teach Kids How to Save

    04-20-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    As we all evolve to the new “norm”, some of us are balancing working from home, homeschooling our kiddos, and managing a household. Luckily, we have some fun activities to do with your children while educating them about money management.

  • What to do if your income is reduced

    What To Do If Your Income Is Reduced

    03-30-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Making ends meet paycheck-to-paycheck can be stressful in itself. But what happens in times of financial crisis - like a nation-wide pandemic, or an economic recession? Taking a closer look at your finances, and creating an actionable spending plan can help you survive (and recover from) unforeseen financial hardship. 

  • Five Easy Ways to Cut Expenses

    Five Easy Ways to Cut Monthly Expenses

    03-06-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Ever notice how your monthly expenses always seem to equal whatever salary you’re making, even after you get raises? Here are a few things you can do right now to cut your monthly expenses.

  • Chartway 2020 Board of Directors

    Chartway Federal Credit Union Announces 2020 - 2021 Board of Directors

    02-28-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Chartway Federal Credit Union is proud to announce that on February 20, 2020, it held its Annual Meeting at its Headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA. During this time, individuals were elected by acclamation to the board of directors.

  • man worried over maxed out credit card

    Maxed Out Your Credit Card? What Now?

    02-20-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Many credit cards come with credit limits attached, which is the top amount that you’re allowed to put on your card. When you reach that limit, your credit card is considered to be maxed out.

    If you have maxed out your card, it can have a major impact on your financial situation. Fortunately, there are a few options available to help with a maxed out credit card.

  • affordable date night couple

    10 Ways to Make Date Night Affordable

    02-12-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Who says love doesn’t cost a thing? It’s no secret that date night can get expensive. While “dinner and a movie” is usually the go-to date for most couples, the costs can quickly add up. That’s why we’re here to help! 

  • woman researches how to choose a credit card online

    How to Choose a Credit Card [The Guide]

    02-11-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Credit cards can be useful for emergencies when cash is tight, and they’re also very convenient to have around—in some cases, too convenient. However, they most certainly do have their uses.

    In many cases, having the right type of credit card for your situation can be highly beneficial if used properly. Here, we’ll discuss how to choose a credit card for your lifestyle.

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