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  • Jim Bibbs Chartway Board Member

    Chartway Federal Credit Union Welcomes Newly Appointed Board Member

    11-05-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Chartway is proud to announce that Jim Bibbs has been appointed to serve on its board. Prior to his appointment, Bibbs served on Chartway’s associate director development program, designed to provide a prepared slate of board succession candidates to ensure board leadership continuity. 

  • a young family with two daughters and a pregnant mother outside of home

    Deciding Whether To Remodel Or Move [A Guide]

    10-27-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Owning a home is a huge asset. But, as your family grows, your house does not grow alongside it. Perhaps you are running out of bedrooms, need an extra bath, or valuable square footage has been designated for years as a catch-all storage space, and now you need it back! When your living space no longer works for your family, it may be time to consider a change.

  • first-time home buyers moving boxes in their new home

    First-Time Home Buyer Benefits & Disadvantages

    10-26-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    So, you've decided to buy a house. Leaving behind the days of landlords, rent payments, security deposits, and roommates can be an exciting step in your life!

    However, there are some benefits, but also disadvantages, to be aware of that come along with being a first-time home buyer. We've compiled some helpful information to guide you along in your journey and know what potential pitfalls to watch out for.

  • A young couple kissing their newborn at home

    8 Things That Will Financially Prepare You for a Baby

    10-09-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in your life. However, deciding to expand your family can also come with a lot of financial uncertainty.

    We have compiled a list of advice to help you prepare for a baby financially and ease your worries. We want you and your partner to enjoy the excitement and joy that comes with this experience, and not have to focus on money-related anxiety.

  • Proposed Merger with Chartway Federal Credit Union and Saint Matthew's Federal Credit Union

    09-29-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Chartway Federal Credit Union and Saint Matthew's Federal Credit Union Announce Merger Proposal.

  • Cheerful young couple Preparing for home ownership

    How To Prepare For Homeownership in 3 Easy Steps

    09-18-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Buying a home for the first time is both thrilling and intimidating. That’s why it’s important to educate yourself as you prepare for homeownership.

  • a couple looking at houses for sale online

    Calculate How Much House You Can Afford

    08-20-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    When you're ready to buy a house, one of the first questions that often comes to mind is, "how much house can I afford?" This number will help you decide the neighborhood you choose to live in, the size of your home, your down payment, and how quickly you can afford to purchase.

  • Chartway Proudly Announces Fernando Perez as its Comptroller

    08-17-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Chartway Federal Credit Union is proud to announce Fernando Perez as its new comptroller.

  • Chartway Federal Credit Union Looks Forward to Welcoming Cadmus Credit Union Members

    07-21-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Welcoming Cadmus Credit Union Members into the Chartway Family.

  • a couple browsing homes for sale on a laptop

    How To Get A House Loan In 2020

    07-14-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    In early 2020, just before the Coronavirus outbreak, the sale of existing homes was the best they'd been since 2007.

    Unfortunately, the housing market nor anyone else saw COVID-19 and the impact it would have to come. The virus has changed the way of life for the entire globe, forcing many people to stay in their homes for months on end. Those that didn't lose their jobs began working from home in many cases, and plans for public outings have been put on the backburner indefinitely.

  • 2020 scholarship winners

    Chartway Federal Credit Union Awards Directors’ Memorial Scholarship To Seven Student Members

    06-17-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Chartway Federal Credit Union is proud to announce that seven student members have been selected to each receive a $3,000 scholarship, totaling $21,000 in financial assistance.

  • man smiling looking inside a new car he wants to purchase with a 72-month auto loan

    Why 72-Month Auto Loans Are Gaining Popularity

    06-14-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    The length of your auto loan term can vary greatly from 36 months to 84 months or longer. The popularity of longer auto loan terms, like the 72-month auto loan, is growing and for good reason. Longer loan terms allow you to pay less each month which gives you more flexibility in your budget and the ability to purchase a better quality vehicle.

  • young man car shopping after getting auto loan pre-approval

    Why Get Pre-Approved For a Car Loan

    05-27-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Getting pre-approved for a car loan lessens the stress of shopping for a car, and it could reduce the amount you end up paying for your vehicle by giving you a more solid position when negotiating with dealers

  • Mom teaching about finances

    Fun Kid Activities to Teach Kids How to Save

    04-20-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    As we all evolve to the new “norm”, some of us are balancing working from home, homeschooling our kiddos, and managing a household. Luckily, we have some fun activities to do with your children while educating them about money management.

  • Five Easy Ways to Cut Expenses

    Five Easy Ways to Cut Monthly Expenses

    03-06-2020 | News and Updates homepage only

    Ever notice how your monthly expenses always seem to equal whatever salary you’re making, even after you get raises? Here are a few things you can do right now to cut your monthly expenses.

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