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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for your account number?

Your checking and savings account numbers are different from your member number. You can locate your account number by logging in to our Online Banking system and clicking on your checking or savings account. Your Account Number (ACH) and Chartway's routing and transit number is listed at the top.

Looking for our routing and transit number?

The Chartway routing and transit number for members is: 251481614.

Have questions about our online services?

Find answers, tips, and valuable information about Online Banking.

Frequently Requested Forms

ACH Debit Authorization/Change/Cancellation Agreement

New, Change or Cancellation of ACH Debit Authorizations

Affidavit of Forgery/Alteration or Unauthorized Instrument

Member claim of check forgery, altered amount, or other unauthorized instrument

Cardholder Debit Dispute/Fraud Form

Cardholder transaction disputes or fraud claim. Use your computer to download the form. Once complete, click "Submit Form" at the top of the document to e-sign and send your transaction disputes and/or fraud claim to

Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form 1199A

Federal benefit payments

Direct Deposit Sign-Up Instructions

Three easy steps

Stop Payment Request — Postdated Item Notice

Member request to stop payment on specific item

Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit

Unauthorized ACH debit dispute

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