Share Savings

Prime Share Savings Account

The Chartway Prime Share Savings account is your first step toward taking advantage of all the accounts, loans, and services that we offer.

You can open your account and start your membership for as little as $5, and you’ll remain a Chartway member for as long as your account is active.

Take advantage of the dividend rate when your average daily balance reaches $100.

Custom Share Account

If you need a second share savings account, the Custom Share account is the way to go. Open for any amount and earn dividends when your average daily balance reaches $100. Here's some important fine print about your share savings accounts:

Federal Reserve Regulation D restricts transfers from savings to no more than six per month. These transfers include overdraft transfers, pre-authorized ACH debits, phone transfers, online banking, and Call-24 telephone banking transfers.

Need more every month? Try one of our checking accounts!

Business Prime Share

Your business needs a share account as much as your personal life does. Open your insured dividend-bearing Business Prime Share Account with any amount and start earning annual dividends when your balance reaches $100. Opening a Business Prime Share Account gives you access to the other benefits we have available for our business members.

Open a Share Savings Account

Share Savings Account Features

  • Competitive dividend rate
  • No minimum opening deposit requirement
  • $100 balance requirement to earn dividends
  • No monthly charge
  • Members are limited to six withdrawals or transfers from the account per month
  • Funds are accessible through online banking, mobile banking or an ATM

These are just a few of the different Share Savings Account options you can choose from. Compare our Share Savings Accounts that we offer to ensure you are choosing the right Share Savings Account for you, your family, or your business.

Today’s Rates

Table data for Share Savings Account Rates
 Effective 10-22-2021
Dividends APY1 Balance Requirement Alert Me
Prime Share 0.05% 0.05% $100.00
Custom Share 0.05% 0.05% $100.00
Business Prime Share 0.05% 0.05% $100.00
1APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Fees could reduce earnings on the account (applies only to maintenance or activity fees).

Set Up Direct Deposit

It's easy to set up a direct deposit to your Chartway account!

If you need help identifying which numbers to enter, please feel free to call us for assistance.
If the account number and routing number are not entered correctly, your deposit may fail.

Deposit to Savings

To automatically deposit your paycheck into your savings account, use your savings account number. You can locate your savings account number by logging in to our online banking system and looking under the INFO tab next to the account you designate for your direct deposit. Your Account Number (ACH) is listed at the bottom.

You will also need to provide your employer with the Chartway routing/transit number. This number is 251481614.

Details and Disclosures

Some restrictions may apply. For complete details and full disclosures, please see a Member Specialist. View all required disclosures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Share Savings Account

Is prime share a savings account?

Yes, share accounts are what you would call a savings account at a bank. Since credit unions are owned and controlled by their members, this account represents your share of the financial cooperative, hence sharing savings.

How does a credit union savings account work?

The share account at credit unions varies based on the one you select. However, in general, when opening a share account at a credit union, they will pay you an annual dividend based on the amount of money you have saved. Since credit unions are owned and run by their members, they use dividends to improve the member experience instead of paying external shareholders.

What is a dividend in a savings accounts?

Dividends are similar to receiving interest. We call it a dividend, while your local bank probably calls it interest. Either way, it’s the money we pay you for keeping your money at the credit union.

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