Share Certificates

Chartway share certificates allows you to save money at great rates for the term that works best for you.

Flex-Terms are as short as six months and go to 71 months. Rates are higher than traditional share savings account rates. Want to watch your nest egg grow even more? Choose automatic renewal and we’ll keep the savings going!

Share Certificates

Share certificates are a great hands-off way to save while your money earns a rate that’s among the most competitive in the market. Your money is safe in a Chartway share certificate.


Use Flex-Term to match your share certificate maturity date to the date when you want to use your funds. Avoid early withdrawal penalties and have your money available when you need it. Terms range from 6 to 71 months.

IRA Certificates

Open a share certificate as an IRA and take advantage of tax-deferred savings. Unlike some other IRA investments, there are no administrative fees, so all your money stays yours!

Share Certificate Calculator

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