Who says love doesn’t cost a thing?

It’s no secret that date night can get expensive and repetitive. While “dinner and a movie” is usually the go-to date for most couples, the costs can quickly add up and those options aren’t always available.

You don’t have to wine and dine your special someone to make them swoon. Here are 10 great date ideas to switch things up and make date night affordable:

1. Cook a romantic dinner at home

Try out a new recipe and make a romantic meal at home. Work together on preparation and cooking then set up a nice table to enjoy your masterpiece at. If it doesn’t turn out great, pizza is always a great (and inexpensive) back-up plan!

2. Take a walk to a place you enjoy

Get a breath of fresh air and take a walk through your favorite park, trail, or downtown streets. Taking time away from home and work is important to reset and relax your mind and relationship.

3. Take a virtual cooking class

It might not be possible to go to your favorite date night restaurant right now, so why not learn to make it yourselves? If you want to splurge there are private classes with world-famous chefs, or for free you could tune into live IGTV classes from some of your favorite chefs on Instagram. Airbnb also offers budget-friendly online classes with chefs from around the world.

4. Order takeout and have a themed movie night

Pick a theme or a decade — then settle in for a blast to the past or an escape to a different country. Movies set or made in another time will give you both a must-needed reprieve from work and life stress, and the cost to rent a few movies is low. You could have takeout that matches your theme or go for a classic like pizza to work within your budget.

5. Tackle a DIY project

That project you have had on your mind for years or room that needs a refresh could turn into a great date. Channel some of your favorite DIY masters and tackle the project together, you may even learn a new skill as a couple. The end will leave you both with a sense of accomplishment and by doing it yourself you will save a lot of money!

6. Have a game night

Open up your game cabinet and pull out some games you might have forgotten about or not played in a while! This date night could be just the two of you, or you could include family and friends. If you opt to have others included, have them bring over some of their favorite games as well.

7. Do a workout class together

You might have different workout styles or none at all, but try something new together like couples yoga or a boot camp class. If you aren’t interested in a hardcore workout, you can look into guided meditations or stretching classes which are great for relaxation. You can do this virtually or at a gym with an instructor.

8. Hobby Swap

Is there something your significant other knows how to do that you have always wanted to learn? Make a date night out of it and finally take that step. Maybe you will learn some guitar basics,  how to paint a basic landscape, or even to make a favorite cocktail.

9. Have a movie marathon

Choose a couple of movies you’ve each been wanting to watch, grab some popcorn, and start the marathon. Literally, Netflix & Chill.

10. Stargazing

Grab a blanket and look at the stars. Apps like The Night Sky and SkyView can even help you find constellations!