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Chartway is a premier financial institution serving our communities to make our members’ lives more affordable.

We offer the accounts, loans, and financial services that support our members’ dreams of a new home, an education, retirement, a new vehicle, and thousands of other goals. At Chartway, you’re more than just an account number— you’re a member, an owner, and a part of the family!

You’re eligible for Chartway membership if:

  • You live, work, go to school, or worship in an area served by one of our branches
  • Someone in your family is currently a Chartway member
  • You or an immediate family member works for one of the 750 companies who have chosen to offer Chartway’s credit union benefits to their employees
  • You make a $10 donation to our philanthropic arm, the We Promise Foundation

Our Chartway Credit Union Member Benefits

You might be wondering: What’s the difference between a credit union and a bank?

Well, for one, our members are the owners of our not-for-profit organization. Our decisions are based on what is best for our members, not a group of stockholders and investors like many financial institutions.

Simply, we put YOU first — every time. And as a full-service lender, we’re able to stand by our brand promise—to make our members’ lives more affordable.

How? By saving you time and money. We believe in providing better products, better customer service, and the best value possible for our members. We offer straightforward checking accounts and deposit accounts, low-interest rate loans, high yield savings accounts, and online and mobile banking—all designed to save you more so that you can live more affordably.

Enjoy the convenience and value that membership brings! Choose a federally insured financial partner who makes it easier for you to spend your time and money the way you want.

Community Involvement

Your membership allows you to be part of a credit union dedicated to supporting the community through our charity, the We Promise Foundation and our community sponsorships. At Chartway our goal is to make your life more affordable, so as a member you will receive the added benefits from our sponsorships, like discounted tickets at the Chartway Arena.

Car Buying Service

If you’re on the hunt for a new vehicle, our TrueCar car buying service offers you discounts when purchasing through our preferred dealers using our pre-approved Express Checks.  Take the stress out of car buying and put the fun back in the process with our simple, fair, and fun service. 

Retirement & Investment Services

There’s no need to worry about life after retirement or how you’ll achieve your financial goals.  Our Retirement & Investment Services program provides you with a financial advisor to help you develop a plan to hit the targets you have in mind. Whether you require education funding, business planning, 401(k) planning, money management, or a similar service, we are here to support you. 

Overdraft Privilege

Overdrafts happen, and when they do, we have the coverage you want and need to cover your account.  With Overdraft Privilege, you can overdraw your account up to a set limit for a fee so you can pay for the transaction and bypass declined purchases. 

Supplemental Insurance

When unfortunate events happen in life, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to take care of your financial responsibilities. That’s why you can add protection to your loans to safeguard your financial well-being.  Get the peace of mind you deserve with loan protection. 

How to join Chartway Federal Credit Union

As long as you meet our simple membership requirements, we're ready to support you with the accounts, loans, and other financial products and services needed to make your life affordable. 

Join online, give us a call, or stop by one of our branch locations to become a Chartway Federal Credit Union member.

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