5 Year Share Certificate

Why wait on regular banks and conventional accounts to grow your nest egg when 5 year share certificates from Chartway Federal Credit Union already do so much more?

Our manageable term lengths, competitive APY* rates, and personalized member services ensure that your funds will grow exactly the way you need them to.

Benefits of opening a 5 year share certificate through Chartway may include:

  • Guaranteed returns after 60 months (5 years)
  • $250,000 security by FDIC
  • Zero minimum balances
  • None of the risks, all of the rewards of higher-risk investments

For investors with a clear vision and long-term patience, discover the unmatched rewards of a 5 year share certificate with Chartway today.

Chartway 5 Year Share Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a 5 year share certificate with Chartway?

There are three distinct methods of opening a share certificate through Chartway: online, in person, or via telephone. While all methods work the same, many applicants find that our online portal provides the most immediate service.

Can I access the money in my 5 year share certificate anytime I need it?

The funds in a 5 year share certificate may be accessed before maturity, but the money will not be available in full until after the certificate’s official release date. Like other share certificates, premature withdrawal results in penalties applied to the principal funds.

For additional information related to fees, share certificate requirements, and more, visit our Member Help Portal.

How much will I make with a 5 year share certificate?

The rate of return for a 5 year share certificate is primarily dependant on term length, monetary investment, and the current APY*. Receive accurate estimates in seconds by using Chartway’s helpful share certificate calculator. Computing your numbers with real-time data, members can quickly estimate the right share certificate choice for their lifestyle.

Share Certificate Calculator

Share Certificate Rates

Other Great Share Certificates Through Chartway

A 5 year share certificate is a considerably long-term investment, and may not be the perfect fit for every investor. Take a closer look at Chartway’s shorter-term share certificates here.

1 Year Share Certificate

12 months of low risk and high-value returns will revolutionize your savings experience in ways you never could imagine. Enjoying competitive rates, short term lengths, and the member service you’ve come to rely on when choosing Chartway’s 1 year share certificate.

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2 Year Share Certificate

For double the rewards, Chartway members can invest their funds into an FDIC protected 2 year share certificate. Serving as a middle point between shorter certificates and long-term savings options, 24 months of high APY* gains will quickly grow both your nest egg and your peace of mind.

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Fees could reduce earnings on the account (applies only to maintenance or activity fees).

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