2 Year Share Certificate

Face your rainy days prepared with the low-risk and high reward savings options available through Chartway Federal Credit Union.

Thanks to our competitive interest rates, flexible banking options, and outstanding personalized member service, a 2 year share certificate with Chartway provides one of the best ways to save more by doing less -- all at the same time.

All 2 year share certificates from Chartway feature the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed returns after 24 months (2 years)
  • No risk investments
  • FDIC-Backed Accounts up to $250,000
  • Zero minimum balance required

Manage your financial goals and save your way by opening a 2 year share certificate with Chartway now.

Chartway 2 Year Share Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a 2 year share certificate with Chartway?

Current members of Chartway Federal Credit Union have three ways of opening a 2 year share certificate: online, in person, or over the phone. For the most immediate service, apply online today.

Can I access the money in my 2 year share certificate anytime I need it?

You may request to withdraw money from your 2 year share certificate at any time. However, bear in mind that there will be penalties and fees associated with withdrawal before the maturation date. For more information, please visit our Member Help Portal.

How much will I make with a 2 year share certificate?

The interest rates of a 2 year share certificate are dependant on the total amount invested, the current certificate APY*, and other related financial factors. Chartway’s share certificate calculator is an excellent way of calculating the relevant returns of your individual needs.

Share Certificate Calculator

Share Certificate Rates

Other Great Share Certificates Available Through Chartway

Interested in longer or shorter-term options for your money? Chartway is proud to provide two additional share certificates, available to all members.

1 Year Share Certificate

Members requiring additional term flexibility will discover that Chartway’s 1 year share certificates are perfect for saving on a shorter timeline. Investment beginners looking to investigate share certificates for the first time will find this option simple, convenient, and very rewarding.

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5 Year Share Certificate

Reaping high rewards and an even higher APY*, investing in a 5 year share certificate through Chartway is the best option for savers interested in maximizing both their profit margins and their peace of mind.

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Fees could reduce earnings on the account (applies only to maintenance or activity fees).

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