1 Year Share Certificate

1 Year Share Certificate

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Everyone wants an investment strategy that works with their lifestyle, and not against it. That’s why Chartway Federal Credit Union’s 1 year share certificates are some of the best personal investment options to date.

Featuring convenient online banking options, flexible term lengths, and a hands-off approach to making dividends, share certificates provide the best strategy for low-risk and high-reward savings account growth.

The benefits of opening a 1 year share certificate through Chartway include:

  • Guaranteed returns after 12 months (1 year)
  • No risk, high reward payout
  • Safe investments backed by the FDIC
  • No minimum balance to open

Whether they are saving for retirement, kid’s college, or a fun family vacation, all Chartway members are invited to experience the incredible ‘snowball’ effect of 1 year share certificates.

Chartway 1 Year Share Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a 1 year share certificate with Chartway?

Members of Chartway may apply both online, in person, or over the phone to open a 1 year share certificate. Simply specify your optimal fiscal parameters and begin the authorization process immediately.

Can I access the money in my 1 year share certificate anytime I need it?

Once your funds have been locked into a 1 year share certificate, you will not be able to release or withdraw them without a penalty. For more information about share account maturity days and early withdrawal, visit our Member Help Portal here.

How much will I make with a 1 year share certificate?

The amount of interest you will earn on your share certificate depends on several factors, including term length, amount vested, and current APY*. Use Chartway’s helpful share certificate calculator to discover the most accurate numbers for your situation.

Share Certificate Calculator

Other Great Share Certificates Through Chartway

There’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ in personal finance, which is why Chartway strives to curate a variety of share certificate options for our members.

2 Year Share Certificate

24 months of vested funds will grow your money like never before. Experience a higher APY* and the peace of mind you deserve when banking with Chartway’s 2 year share certificates.

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5 Year Share Certificate

Members looking for long-term nest egg solutions may find that Chartway’s 5 year share certificate is the best option for low-risk and high-value monetary growth.

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Fees could reduce earnings on the account (applies only to maintenance or activity fees).

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