couple with flowers

Who says love doesn’t cost a thing?

It’s no secret that date night can get expensive. While “dinner and a movie” is usually the go-to date for most couples, the costs can quickly add up.

chart showing cost examples for him and her on Valentine's Day. This Valentine's Day love doesn't cost a thing. Well, except for: $100 romantic dinner, $10 cappuccinos, $25 movie tickets. For him: $25 fresh haircut, $20 dozen roses, $4 dry-cleaned shirt. For her: $60 red dress, $40 hair blowout, $30 manicure. Costs are estimates.

But you don’t have to wine and dine your special someone to make them swoon. Here are 10 great dates to switch things up and make your love life affordable.

1. Be a tourist in your own town.

Head to places with little or no admission fees— think landmarks, statues, or museums (Google can help). Roam around your town and make it an adventure day!

2. Volunteering.

Help out a soup kitchen, play with puppies at a shelter, or participate in a community clean up. Give back and you’ll both start feeling #blessed.

3. Hit the trails.

Get a breath of fresh air and go for a hike together.

4. Cook together.

Try out a new recipe and make a romantic meal at home. If it doesn’t turn out great, pizza is always a great (and inexpensive) back-up plan! Or, learn from the pros and take a cooking class together.

5. Stargazing.

Grab a blanket and look at the stars. Apps like The Night Sky and SkyView can even help you find constellations!

6. Learn how to dance.

Find inexpensive dance classes and learn how to tango or salsa, then dance the night away!

7. Head to a flea market.

A lot of items might be out of your budget, but the people watching and random trinkets you come across will make for a great time.

8. Discover a local band.

Check out Facebook or local event sites and go see some live music. Many small venues offer free / inexpensive shows.

9. Have a movie marathon.

Choose a couple of movies you’ve each been wanting to watch, grab some popcorn, and start the marathon. Literally, Netflix & Chill.

10. Go fruit picking.

Head to a local farm or orchard and go picking for something sweet with your special someone. You picked each other after all!