Do hear that? Listen closely – it’s the sound of fallen leaves crunching beneath your feet. Autumn is officially upon us, and this year she evidently wasted no time making her appearance.

There is a certain intoxication that is perpetually associated with the season of Summer. There is something irresistible about the Sun and the sand, the water and the waves and all things Summer, that entices the average human to make more of an effort to celebrate life - but then that abrupt transition transpires and suddenly we find ourselves adapting to shorter days and longer nights. Although the days are now cooler and the nights longer,  there is still an excitement that resides in the air with autumn’s approach.

From hayrides to board games, spooky stories, and pumpkin-flavored everything, autumn arrives with new potential to make memories that last a lifetime. Autumn is the perfect time of year to visit the Farmers’ Market, go apple picking, or spend time at Yankee Candle sampling every fall fragrance until your senses are overwhelmed. This is also an ideal time to start your gift shopping for the holidays; Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most significant shopping days of the year thanks to major deals and promotions.

In addition to spending on gifts, food, and fun, Autumn is also the perfect time to prepare financially with an emergency fund. The season also brings colder weather along with the possibility of being stranded in the snow with an unexpected flat tire or frozen pipes in your home. The stress and financial strain of the unexpected can inevitably put a damper on the holiday spirit. But we don’t want you to be surprised by the unforeseen; we want you to be ready! Now is the perfect time to prepare financially, and Chartway can help! We want to help you establish all your financial needs, so you won’t ever find yourself left out in the cold. We have online resources for budgeting and building an emergency fund as well as products like our Custom Share savings to our Cash Back Checking, to help you save while you spend. We have what you need to help you stay warm in the colder months ahead.

So, yes, summer is officially over, and we hate to see her go; but rest assured that sweater weather arrives bearing great gifts as well. Whether you’re a pumpkin-spiced latte drinker or a vanilla-scented candle lover, we hope you find solace in knowing that you can count on your credit union to be here to help you thrive throughout the season because when Autumn falls, you can expect magic to saturate the air in a special way, too.