From Virginia to Texas, Utah, and everywhere in between, our Board, Senior Leaders, and team members are driven by a desire to make life affordable for our members, to serve our communities, and to make ongoing investments that strengthen the member experience and our financial foundation.

Meet our Board of Directors

One of the key differences between a traditional bank and a credit union rests in the group of individuals who form Chartway Credit Union’s Board of Directors. These community leaders and business people are volunteers who are elected by you, Chartway members, to represent your best interests with regard to Chartway activities.

Chartway Board of Directors

Front Row (L to R): Melvin S. Mizelle, Robert N. Cook, George E. Sauer, III, and E. L. “Lou” Gull, Jr.
Top Row (L to R): Nancy W. McMahon, Richard R. Ahlborn, Wayne E. Foshay, Sr., Robert O. Holmes, Jared B. Perry, and Richard A. McGrath.

Board of Directors: 

Chairman – George E. Sauer, III

1st Vice Chairman & Treasurer – Robert O. Holmes

2nd Vice Chairman – Richard A. McGrath

Secretary – E.L. "Lou" Gull Jr.

Director – Richard R. Ahlborn

Director – Robert N. Cook 

Director – Wayne E. Foshay, Sr.

Director – Nancy W. McMahon  

Director – Melvin S. Mizelle

Director – Jared B. Perry

Board Emeritus (Active) – Judith P. Sparrow

Board Emeritus – Dallas L. England

Meet our Senior Leadership Team

As a group of leaders representing Chartway, our Senior Leadership team has the great honor of serving our members and our communities each and every day. Each person brings something special to our overall culture and is dedicated to making life more affordable for our members. 

leadership photo

Front Row (L to R): Rob B. Keatts, Brian T. Schools, and Kim J. Little
Top Row (L to R): Kim A. Ross, Paul V. Annunziata, George J. Pita, C. Skip Wilson, Beth H. Long, and Melissa D. Cade.

Senior Leadership Team: 

President & Chief Executive Officer – Brian T. Schools

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer – Kim J. Little

Chief Lending Officer – George J. Pita

Chief Information Officer – Rob B. Keatts

Chief Human Resources Officer - Kim A. Ross

Corporate Development Executive – Paul V. Annunziata       

SVP Marketing & Communications - Beth H. Long

SVP Member Solutions Services – Melissa D. Cade 

SVP Branch Services - C. Skip Wilson