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Use our auto loan calculator to see how various loan terms and amounts will affect your payments. Please note, these payments will vary based on your credit score and credit history.

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Payment estimates based on new vehicles (2021 Models) with less than 6,000 miles and no trade-in value or down payment. Payments may vary based on your credit. Auto debit discount of 0.25% APR, and loan to value of less than 90% discount of 0.25% APR. Discounts may not exceed 0.75% APR.

Used Auto Loan Features

The standard features we offer on our used car loans include:

  • Flexible loan terms
  • Low rates
  • Multiple loan amounts
  • High loan to value (LTV) ratios
  • No payments for up to 45 days

Qualified applicants may also qualify for bonus features, including pre-approval checks.

The purpose of each of these features is to make your car buying experience as simple and rewarding as possible. We’ll take on all the hassle, all while providing you with favorable interest rates and the right terms for your needs.

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Used Auto Loan Services

At Chartway FCU, we provide our customers with a wide range of services, including the following add-ons to our used car loans.

Mechanical Repair Coverage

In some cases, your vehicle (or parts of it) may still be under warranty if it’s under two or three years old, but after that point, you may need to get repairs done.

Qualifying used cars may be eligible for Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC), which covers repairs after the manufacturer's warranty expires. The types of repairs covered depend on the level of coverage you choose, and it’s only available on vehicles below a certain mileage. If you sell the car, MRC can be transferred.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is designed to supplement regular car insurance by covering the difference between the worth of your vehicle and the outstanding balance on your loan. If you owe more than your car is worth and it’s declared a total loss, GAP insurance covers the difference between the settlement you’d receive and the amount you still owe.

On used vehicles, GAP insurance is especially recommended if you only made a small down payment or if the vehicle has fairly low mileage. Certain limitations may also apply.

Used Auto Loan Resources & Support

Questions? Concerns? Not certain which used car financing options are best for you? We’ll steer you through the process and assist you in choosing the best used auto loan terms for your needs and budget.

The used car loan services we offer our members include:

  • APR rates
  • Interest rates
  • Multiple lease options
  • Payment schedules
  • Advice on whether to lease or buy
  • Used auto loans
  • Online applications

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Find The Perfect Car For Your Needs

Each person and family has their own needs when it comes to a vehicle. We’re here to assist you in choosing the best used car for your lifestyle through our Chartway Car Buying Service. This service, powered by TrueCar, helps you find just the right car for the right price, and you’ll even get access to special savings.

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